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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Powell and Bellefontaine, Ohio

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Powell OhioWill liquidate and discharge your debt. Currently the government has income requirements that can restrict who qualifies for chapter 7. If you qualify for chapter 7, odds are you can discharge your unsecured debt and still keep your retirement accounts, house and vehicles. Certain debts such as student loans, some taxes and domestic support are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.




Our services in this area

  • A free analysis of your financial situation and evaluation of your income to see if you qualify for Chapter 7
  • Free review of your assets to make sure that you do not lose anything
  • Free review of your debts to determine which ones are dischargeable and whether bankruptcy is right for you
  • Preparation and filing of your bankruptcy petition
  • I prepare you for your court appearance and attend the hearing with you
  • I quickly answer any questions you may have